Yin Yang Balance

Picture1“If there is harmony in the house, there is order in the nation.  If there is order in the nation, there will be peace in the world.”

Chinese Proverb


The above quote is timely, considering the political climate we are currently living with.  Not only is America experiencing a nasty political division, but the rest of the world is looking on with trepidation.  Everything is “unprecedented.”  Many watch in shock, others watch and feel encouraged.  Most everyone can agree—we haven’t seen anything like this before.

Feelings of unease and uncertainty are floating around in a way we are not used to.  Many feel powerless, others feel emboldened.  Many are compelled to protest, fight, resist.

While it may be a good thing to protest, fight and resist, it can leave us feeling tired, spent and overwhelmed.  The problems are big.  So, how do we face this uncertainty and our reaction to it while maintaining our sense of balance and serenity? There is a symbol in Feng Shui that reminds us of what it is that keeps us on track.  I feel compelled to share its special qualities with you.  So please, read on.

Nearly everyone is familiar with the black and white teardrop shaped symbol of everything Chinese—the Tai Chi symbol.    But how significant is it?  And what does it have to do with modern day life in the United States?  And the rest of the world for that matter? And why might you even need to know about its significance?  Well, that’s a lot of questions but I am here to give you the answers.  I hope you find this information interesting and useful.


Most of you are aware that the Tai Chi symbol is commonly called the Yin and Yang.  You’ve probably just pronounced it in your mind as yin and “yaing.” Would it surprise you to know it’s pronounced yin and “yaung?”  When I was learning all about Feng Shui it surprised me when our instructor pronounced it that way, and in the scheme of things, it doesn’t really matter how you pronounce it.  What’s really important is what it means and how that meaning can be applied to our lives.

The yin/yang symbol is fundamental to the Chinese culture.  It goes way back, as long ago as 700 BCE.  Although markedly Chinese, the symbol is quite familiar to us here in the West and around the world.  The Yin/Yang has a  distinctive way of seeing the intricacies of the Universe.

So, what is Yin and what is Yang?  Yin is the black part of the symbol.  It faces downward and represents one spectrum of life.  The Yang is the white part of the symbol which faces upward and represents another spectrum of life.  What do I mean by this?  Well, whatever it is that Yin represents, Yang represents the opposite.

Yin and Yang each have their own meanings, however.  Yin is dark, cold, and of the earth.  Yang is light, hot and of heaven.  Whatever it is that is uniquely Yin, we will find the opposite in Yang.  Where Yin is docile, Yang is lively, where Yin is dark, Yang is light.  Where Yin is female, Yang is male.  And so it goes in the Universe.

Yin and Yang show perpetual beginnings and endings.  As the dark Yin starts with a thin point at the top,  it moves downward and reaches its zenith, at which point Yin ends and Yang begins.  As Yang moves upward toward its zenith, likewise it will end and Yin begins again.  And so on and so on.  As in the Universe.

Have you wondered why there is a black dot in the Yang and a white dot in the Yin?  That is explained by the Taoist principal that there is duality within the Universe and that some of the opposite energy must be found in the other.  This achieves balance.

Picture5Fung Shui is used to bring balance into our lives.  We have many methods we use to bring about a harmonious environment, whether it is where one lives or works.  At all times, we are striving for balance whether we know it or not and we always know when it is not achieved.  That is when we feel overwhelmed, helpless, sick and tired.

Balance brings about harmony and if you remember, “harmony in the house brings harmony in the nation.”  Let us start there.   And let us use the Yin/Yang as a reminder to always strive for that balance, for that is the natural order of the Universe.  Let us strive to bring harmony to our homes and exponentially, we will reach order in our nation.  Taking steps to balance and harmonize our own lives will go a long way toward bringing about our own sense of personal well being, even in uncertain national times.

If you feel your surroundings are out of balance, if you’re looking for your sense of well being at home or at work, please give me a call to assess your situation and bring about that stability you are looking for.  I am looking forward to hearing from you and wish you all Peace, Balance and Abundance!


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