Do you have that closet, hallway or basement that you have vowed to clear out? Have you put off that particular paring down chore because you’re too overwhelmed to address it?  That is quite understandable, given how often emotions are associated with our possessions.  There is never a bad time to declutter, and I am here to help you reclaim your space using the Interiors Therapy method.

Items we hold on to can conjure up strong emotions and when we are able to see the control some of these items have over us, we can see how we are being held back.  Clearing out old items that are no longer useful, loved or needed can free up much needed space for items you want to keep and room for clear, positive energy to enter into our lives.  This can bring us so much freedom, and as an even bigger bonus, our homes feel much more supportive and comfortable too!

Although it’s nice to have a beautifully organized closet, or a basement as neat as a pin, the Interiors Therapy method is not about rearranging clutter.  It’s a process that involves going through items that you’re holding onto for no good reason, for sentimental reasons and for practical reasons.  We work together and discern what to release and let go of; what you don’t need, use or love. Then we focus on putting the space back together to be used as it was intended so your home can be supportive of you, and to safely house your belongings. This allows for the free flow of energy, welcoming in a sense of lightness, freedom and positivity.

Give me a call to set up an information meeting to get you started on your path to enjoying your home and all the possibilities a clutter free environment has to offer!

Fee varies depending on the scope of the project, starting at $60/hr. See Services Offered Page for details.

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