When It’s Time For A Change

Changing a Room Color Changes the Balance of Energy. Feng Shui Brings it Back


WHEN IT’S TIME FOR A CHANGE in your home, be it the family room, office or kitchen, there is a lot to consider.  From a design perspective, you want your home to be pretty, comfortable, cozy and welcoming. And from a Feng Shui perspective, you also want it to enable the best possible energy flow, so you get your best energetic support.


One way to promote energy balance in your home is with color.  In my home, our family room is located in our Partnership area of the Bagua.  It is the gathering place in our home and years ago I had it painted this beautiful coppery orange because I loved the color.  I did not know at the time that this was a great color for the partnership area of my home, because this orange-y color represents fire and promoted lively conversation.  Also, while the color for Partnership on the Bagua is pink, the color orange (as an extension of red) brings some fire to the space and fire always sparks up the Partnership area.  


Yet when you have something that works well but you want to change it, how do you replace that built-in gain when new colors negate that very advantage?

Here is a picture of our family room before I had it painted. We enjoyed this color for nearly 10 years. It was cozy and inviting and visitors always complimented us on it. But after being cooped up in the house during Covid for over a year, I felt it was time for a change.

One of the many wonderful things about Feng Shui is that it allows usnumerous, flexible remedies when we find ourselves at a disadvantage due to color, location, room size or shape.  In my case, yes, I was losing the energetic support of that color, but I knew I could balance all of that out by implementing Feng Shui principals and adjustments.

Going from a coppery orange to an off white brought in the metal element to the Partnership Area. The element associated with Partnership is the Earth element. Metal comes from Earth and here, does not cause a problem. However the black around the windows is the Water element. In Feng Shui (and in life) water extinguishes fire. Because we want lively conversation, I brought in the Fire element by placing votive candles on the bookshelf. Also, there are orange-y pots on the bookshelf and orange in the wall pictures. Read on to see how this whole space was ultimately balanced.

The bookshelf itself is where I finished the balancing of the Partnership corner. I placed a round yellow placemat, put a terra cotta decorative tile on it to enhance the Earth element which is really all I needed to do to enhance the Earth element.  However, because I like balance (who doesn’t?) I brought in all the Elements.  We have Wood (plants), Fire (as mentioned) Earth (as previously described,) Metal on the walls and the shelves and Water (the black around the windows.)


When a room has Feng Shui balance, along with good design, the energy is there to support you, not work against you.  Remember to keep your place clutter free and display possessions that represent your story or items that you love.  And don’t forget to display pairs in the Partnership area!   


If you find yourself unsure of how to proceed on your next design project, or if don’t know how Feng Shui can help you, give me a call!  I offer many packages to suit your situation and am ready to help you achieve Peace, Balance and Abundance!  

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