1 hour Staging Consultation – $99

Other Related Feng Shui Staging Services – TBD


If you are looking to sell your property, or if you have just moved in and are unsatisfied with how your furniture is (or isn’t!) falling into place, professional feng shui staging is a must.  A professionally staged home sells faster and for more money than non-staged homes, and specific feng shui cures can enhance and speed up this process.  If you are not moving, but are looking to have proper furniture placement so you can live more comfortably and invite positive Qi into your space, home staging for everyday living is essential.

This process always starts with an on-site consultation, which has its own fee.  After the consultation, I will be able to assess what needs to be done for a quick sale or to create your comfortable living environment.  The consultation itself is a 1 hour appointment.  After the consultation, I will write up my recommendations and submit to you a written report.  Subsequent fees are based on how and when the implementation of my recommendations will occur.

All consultations are reserved with a $54 non-refundable deposit.  This confirms and reserves your consultation and allows me to efficiently space my appointments so that each client receives my undivided attention.    Once your consultation takes place, the $54 deposit is applied to the total fee for services rendered.

Written reports for Home and Office Consultations will contain my professional recommendations which are customarily implemented by the client.  If you prefer to have me implement these recommendations, I am available to do so for an additional fee.  That fee will depend on how long it takes to implement those recommendations.