I would love to express my sincere gratitude to Catherine Dean for transforming (what I thought was a nice apartment) into a comfortable, happy, and very organized home. I moved in less than a year ago and slowly, I was having trouble sleeping in my bedroom and ultimately stopped sleeping there altogether. …there was something preventing me from being relaxed in there. I started stockpiling things in my closet and just ended up disliking the area altogether. I saw beauty throughout my apartment, but I couldn’t connect any more with my bedroom area.

I saw Catherine Dean’s name and was attracted to her Feng Shui website, particularly the staging, Peace and Abundance. I saw her before and after pictures and decided to give her a call. Catherine came to my home and took a look at everything. She then proceeded to give me some ideas. We went through everything in my bedroom and I realized I was having extreme negative reactions to some things I had stored under my bed. Catherine realized immediately why I was having trouble sleeping! There was so much negative energy stuck right under my bed! I was blocking so much good energy too! Some things that I needed to keep, particularly legal documents, held very negative memories for me. Catherine helped remove the negative energy surrounding those documents and I was able to seal them up and file them away and I am now completely at peace with them. After paring down, donating numerous items and throwing out many bags of garbage, we staged my bedroom. I was truly amazed that Catherine was able to work with everything I had. I did not need to buy a thing. Catherine transformed my apartment into a beautiful and peaceful home and I know she would be able to transform any living space into peaceful and happy surroundings. My sleep has improved 100%. My spirit has been filled with contentment and love for my home. My complete home.

I would highly recommend the services of Catherine Dean to anyone and everyone who would like to experience the same peace and love in their surroundings. Thank you for changing my life Catherine!


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