It is traditional in the practice of BTB Feng Shui to pay for services rendered in red envelopes.  Red envelopes are used for many reasons in Asian traditions, i.e. giving a couple a gift of money at their wedding, or giving children money at New Year’s.  In the Asian culture, it is considered rude to hand someone cash and therefore, the red envelope is most often used.  The red envelope symbolizes good luck, power and protection and increases the strength and effectiveness of feng shui cures.


In my feng shui practice, I follow this tradition by receiving all or part of my fee in red envelopes.  I will send you these envelopes after we have set up a consultation with instructions on how to use them.  If you are paying your deposit by credit card, it is not necessary to use the red envelope for that portion of the transaction.  In these modern times, with PayPal and computerized credit card services, it is difficult to adhere to the strictest traditions, but I do my best to honor the spirit of the tradition by using the red envelopes, which is usually in a limited capacity.