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Everyone is hoping to wake up feeling refreshed and renewed every day. The sad fact is however, that many wake up feeling like they don’t even want to get out of bed. Or that they’re not well rested. I have written about how Feng Shui is used to help us get a good night’s rest. This month, I’ll share some tips to set up the master bedroom so that positive energy can enter, negative energy can leave and you’re surrounded by the best energy possible to support you while you sleep. And a supportive master bedroom transfers into support for the whole household making for an overall better living environment and ultimately a better life.

As you may recall, there were a few tips I gave you for the master bedroom to help balance the energy. Let’s quickly review:

1) You must declutter. Remember, clutter is an enticing invitation for negative energy to enter—and STAY. Negative energy can get stuck in a room because energy pathways have been blocked. We do not want this in our living or working environment. So, first things first—declutter.

2) No electronics. I know, it seems impossible, but TVs, cell phones and even clock radios emit EMFs and energy that interfere with a good night’s rest. I will offer some solutions if having electronics in your room is impossible to avoid.

3) Keep the area under your bed empty of storage if possible. And in Feng Shui, if you’re pregnant, or trying to conceive, it is recommended to avoid vacuuming under the bed until the baby arrives.


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Bed placement is crucial in a master bedroom and very often one is limited because of where a window or door is located. These are things you cannot control when you’re trying to set up your master. Of course, if you’re building a house, you can avoid these pitfalls, but if you’re moving into an apartment or a pre-existing home, you have to work with what you have.

Ideally, your bed will be placed up against a solid wall and your bed is not below a window. Some people like to have their bed below a window in order to breathe in fresh air overnight. However, placing your bed below a window gives the feeling that you’re not being supported as you sleep. A solid wall behind your head gives you that feeling. In addition, you want the bed to be approachable from both sides, as seen in both of these examples. If you have no choice with your bed placement, and it must be below a window, be sure to use curtains or blinds to close off the window while you are sleeping.


Pretty, but a Feng Shui no-no. Sleeping under a window creates a lack of support that can zap your energy while you sleep.

This is the ideal bed location in Feng Shui. Having your bed up against a solid wall gives you support while you sleep and a sense of security.


Bed placement matters. This bed is an example of the least desirable option for Feng Shui bed placement because your feet are then in direct alignment with the door. In traditional Feng Shui, the masters teach that to have your feet facing the door while sleeping imitates being in a coffin, wherein one is carried out feet first. Because we want restful sleep, we want to avoid that subliminal image. So in terms of energy, having our feet facing the door allows our energy to wane as it is being pulled out the door as you sleep. Therefore, your energy gets weaker as you sleep.


This bed placement is less than ideal not only because the foot of the bed is in direct alignment with the door, but also because you cannot approach the bed from both sides. This happens a lot in children’s rooms, often because of bedroom size and positioning of closets and windows. We can cure this in Feng Shui with crystals or windchimes hung from the ceiling between the door and the bed. Other options include placing a bench at the foot of the bed if space allows.


Color has a huge impact on your well being and should be carefully chosen for a bedroom. The color blue should only be used as an accent color and should not be predominant in a bedroom. Avoid the placement of a jacuzzi or hot tub in the master and resist the temptation to put an aquarium in your or your child’s room as well. The motion of the water is too active and creates too much emotional energy.

Choose your bedroom colors carefully. You want to avoid colors that shock you when you walk into your room. If you feel peaceful and calm with the color you’ve chosen, then you’ve made the right choice. Do not underestimate it’s impact as it can have a profound effect on the energy balance of the room. For instance, many people love the color blue and it is often used in children’s rooms. However, it should be avoided as the main color of the room as blue symbolizes the water element which is active and constantly moving. Using this as a main color in a children’s room can bring about trouble with concentration and emotional problems. In the master bedroom, it can create relationship trouble. Remember, in Feng Shui water puts out fire and in the master bedroom, fire is passion. So, you don’t want to inhibit the passion in your relationship by having water put out your fire. However, if you keep a glass of water on your night table, that is perfectly acceptable, as are blue accent colors. We want to avoid the prominence of the water element in a bedroom. If your child’s room is already blue and you’re not experiencing any difficulty, then that’s fine. If you find your child having concentration issues or emotional difficulties, consider changing the room color and use blue as the accent color.




The image above would not be recommended for a master bedroom, or any bedroom for that matter. The subject matter is too aggressive as it depicts going into battle. The image to the left, however, is more conducive to a master bedroom as it is shows a loving couple. Choose an image that speaks about what a loving relationship means to you.

Be mindful of the kind of artwork you hang in the master bedroom. Remember that you are promoting a loving relationship, peaceful sleep and good health. If you display pictures of a violent nature or war, as indicated above, you can expect unrest in the room where you are trying to sleep or nurture a loving relationship. As well, displaying artwork that depicts a loving couple, happy memories with your romantic partner, or anything else that represents the love you share, and enhances and supports the love in the relationship. Artwork matters!



Lighting is quite important. Try candles. Candles clear the energy in the room and create an intimate and warm atmosphere. Good lighting is crucial as light manifests energy. If you’re hesitant to use real candles, try flameless as they will evoke the same atmosphere without the fire hazard. For teens and renters, they are a great alternative. In addition, consider a dimmer switch in the bedroom as well to create the ambiance you are trying to achieve.
Finally, keep your bedroom, closet and attached bathroom doors closed at night. This will help to enhance the best energy flow possible in your bedroom. Doing so can bring about an improvement in your health, well-being and of course, your relationship. If you insist on a TV in your bedroom, cover it at night with a scarf, or enclose it in a cabinet and keep the cabinet doors closed while you sleep. Cell phones and radios should be at least 5 feet from your head.
I hope these tips bring about a good night’s sleep for all of you and an enhancement to your relationship and overall well-being. Call me for your Feng Shui needs as I am here to help.
Until next time, here’s wishing you Peace, Balance and Abundance!

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